Frequently Asked Questions


Can UrineFree remove pet urine odors from animal runs and kennels?

Yes UrineFree can be used in animal runs and kennels to remove urine odors.

How do I keep my pet away from an area I’ve treated for dog urine?

If you are having trouble keeping your dog or cat away from an area you have treated for urine, try placing your pet's feeding bowl in the area. This may keep your dog or cat from urinating in the area, as pets don't like urinating where they eat. Another way of keeping the pet away is to cover the area with some pre-crumpled aluminum foil (with holes for evaporation).

Should I use UrineFree to treat puppy urine during my puppy’s training period?

UrineFree is a great solution for puppy urine. By completely removing all traces of pet urine odors where your puppy has had an accident, you’ll find it easier to teach your dog to "go" outside.

Can I remove kitten or cat urine from my pet’s litter box with UrineFree?

Litter boxes can absorb cat urine or kitten urine and produce odors no matter how often you wash them. Instead, treatment with UrineFree can assist in an odor-free litter box. Simply empty the litter tray, wash and dry, spray all surfaces -inside and out - with UrineFree, and allow to air dry. Check for any remaining odour. If there has been a build-up of cat urine or kitten urine more than one treatment may be required.

Odor Removal

How does UrineFree get rid of urine odor deep down in a carpet?

UrineFree treats and removes urine odors that originate from deeply buried urine stains by seeping down through the carpet to the underlay and floor to get to the urine deposit. Always spray or stream sufficient urine remover to ensure the top of the carpet is soaking wet. As this happens, the urine odor may initially be stronger and the color darkens as the urine rises to the surface.

For carpet odor removal, should I use UrineFree before or after steam cleaning or shampooing?

Cleaning agents, including steam cleaning or shampooing, spread urine crystal residue over a wide area, so always use UrineFree as your urine remover to remove the urine stains before steam cleaning or shampooing your carpet. If you fail to use UrineFree before steam cleaning the urine can spread over a wide area and the urine odor may return in moist or humid conditions. Using UrineFree before steam cleaning your carpet can prevent the return of urine odors.

Can I use UrineFree to remove a urine smell from mattresses?

Yes, you can use UrineFree to get a urine stain or smell out of any water-safe upholstered product including a mattress. In order to ensure that the urine remover follows the path of the urine, removes the urine and dries properly, complete saturation of the urine affected area and a two-to three-week drying period is recommended.

Is UrineFree effective for pet odor removal on concrete floors?

Yes, you can use UrineFree to get a urine stain or smell out of any water-safe upholstered product including a mattress. In order to ensure that the urine remover follows the path of the urine, removes the urine and dries properly, complete saturation of the urine affected area and a two-to three-week drying period is recommended.

Does UrineFree remove cat odor caused by cat spray?

Yes. To remove offensive cat odor, simply spray the area with UrineFree. No scrubbing or washing is necessary. UrineFree specifically targets and destroys the non-soluble cat urine crystals responsible for the strong cat odor.

Urine Removal

How does UrineFree remove urine?

Urine is comprised of three major chemical compounds that are difficult to remove from carpet and other surfaces. Urine masking agents and deodorizers do not remove urine; they merely disguise the urine odour with another fragrance. Alcohol or solvent-based products remove some of the urine compounds but do not remove urine salt crystals, which are insoluble. These crystals are the source of urine odors that return in humid conditions, even after 'cleaning'. On the other hand, UrineFree's microbial components actually remove urine compounds by digesting the urine deposits at the source of the odor to remove tough urine stains.

For effective urine removal, how much UrineFree do I need to use?

The amount of UrineFree that is needed to remove urine depends on the amount of urine in the carpet. If your dog or cat has repeatedly urinated in the same area, a significant build-up of urine may have resulted. Removal might require more than one 500ml bottle of UrineFree if you have cat or dog urine odour and stains throughout the house.

Can I use UrineFree to get urine off my Oriental rug?

UrineFree can be used to remove urine from your rugs, but you should first test colorfastness on a few small or hidden areas, as many rugs are colored with vegetable dyes which are not colorfast. If colors do not run, it is safe to use UrineFree to remove urine from your rug.

After I’ve used UrineFree to remove urine, can it be used as a repellent to keep animals away?

No. UrineFree will remove urine odors, so if a residual odor is attracting an animal to the area, UrineFree will eliminate the odor. UrineFree is a urine removal product not a urine deterrent and will not directly repel the animal.

Is UrineFree safe to use around animals?

UrineFree is a safe, mild to use urine remover that contains no harsh ingredients, so using it around animals and people in the home is not a problem. Of course, never spray UrineFree directly on animals or humans

Stain Removal

How do I use UrineFree to get rid of urine stains and odors?

To remove urine stains, blot the fresh urine stain with a paper towel and spray UrineFree straight onto the affected area to treat the stain. Allow to dry and then sponge with a damp cloth. Allow to dry again, and then repeat if necessary until the urine stain is completely removed.

What is the dark carpet stain around the area I treated?

In some instances, the acid in the urine and some carpet fibers can form tannin while the urine is drying and this can result in a carpet stain. Sometimes the stain is just dirt. Try removing these carpet stains with a mild detergent and water.

My dog has urinated on my leather couch. Can I treat this pet stain with UrineFree?

As a water-based product, UrineFree should be milder on leather than the urine it is removing, and can effectively remove dog urine stains. However, proceed carefully as water can stain, fade or harden leather, particularly if the leather is of a lower quality. Before proceeding to apply UrineFree to remove the urine, first test UrineFree on an inconspicuous area of the couch.

Can UrineFree be used as a stain remover on both soft and hard surfaces?

Yes. UrineFree is effective as a urine remover on almost all soft surfaces around the home like carpet and fabrics, as well as hard surfaces including timber, ceramic, marble and concrete. Some surfaces, like leather and precious fabrics, require spot testing before using UrineFree as a urine remover.

Urine Detection

I can’t tell exactly where the carpet odor is coming from. How do I treat it?

The UrineFree Urine Detector can help you find the urine stain that is the source of the urine odor. The UrineFree Urine Detector includes a light which is designed to detect the protein in urine. Dried urine stains will fluoresce in a darkened room, making it easy to find the area of the carpet with the urine stain and remove the urine odor.

Does the UrineFree Urine Detector work for any type of urine smell?

Yes. The UrineFree Urine Detector detects urine crystals from any source. It enables you to locate and treat the source of any kind of urine, including cat urine and dog urine. It will even detect household urine. In a dark room the UrineFree Urine Detector will cause the urine stain to fluoresce helping you find the urine stain which is the source of the urine odor.