For any odor problems that arise in or around your home.

If you have trouble with pet urine odors, or you’re struggling with controlling the nasty smell in your bathroom, urineFREE™ can help. With a few applications, you can completely eliminate any odors and stains produced by urine. urineFREE™ works on any surface, including carpets, tiles, hardwood, upholstery, fabrics, and more. Be sure to check out our Pet Fresh line of products to find the perfect formula for your pet.


Have you noticed a weird, unpleasant smell in your bathroom? The culprit could be dried urine, which is invisible to the human eye. If you use our Urine Finder, you’ll be able to see the spots of urine that have been missed during your regular cleaning process. Simply spray urineFREE on the floor, walls, and toilet area. Our formula, composed of helpful bacteria, will eliminate the odor immediately.

Bedding & Mattresses

Mattresses are notoriously hard to scrub clean, especially when it comes to urine. Within seconds of the accident, urine can sink into the mattress, becoming inaccessible. You won’t be able to address that odor or stain with standard chemical cleaners. UrineFREE attacks the source of the problem. Our blend of beneficial bacteria create enzymes by using the dried uric crystals as a food source. You’ll never have to think about a gross mattress ever again.


When it dries, urine forms uric crystals, which cling to the delicate fibers of any carpet. You might be able to temporarily mask the urine odor with a standard deodorizer, but with the slightest bit of humidity, that smell will come back full-force. Plus, unsightly stains will still mar your carpet. UrineFREE eliminates stains and odors associated with urine accidents. It also addresses vomit, feces, and even blood stains.


Urine odors are pungent and prominent, especially when uric crystals have dried and embedded themselves into clothing. Despite multiple washes in the washing machine, you still might be struggling to completely eradicate the lingering scent. UrineFREE can address those issues instantly. Simply spray urineFREE on the affected area and keep it saturated for as long as possible. Then, toss the clothing in the washing machine. Your clothing should be good as new after its urineFREE treatment.

Outdoor Areas

Have you ever been trying to enjoy the weather on your patio, but the smell of pet urine or feces is overwhelming? When a dog or cat repeatedly uses the same area as a toilet, no amount of scrubbing will get rid of that horrible odor. Rain and humidity make odors worse as uric crystals are rehydrated. While urineFREE can be sprayed indoors, it can also be sprayed over large areas outdoors. Once it’s sprayed, your patio, yard, gazebo, or deck will be smelling fresh and clean.

Synthetic Grass

Synthetic grass is a great way to keep lawns looking beautiful without a maintenance regimen. However, if you have a pet, synthetic grass isn’t safe from urine odors. The urine sinks beneath the surface, and as it dries, uric crystals are left behind. Synthetic grass is similar to carpet, in that it’s incredibly difficult to scrub the odor away. Using urineFREE can help! With a few sprays, you can eliminate the odor completely. Your synthetic grass will look and smell beautiful once again.


Are you dealing with urine stains on some of your most expensive furniture? There’s no need to waste your money on a professional cleaning company. Instead, try urineFREE! UrineFREE contains no chemicals or alcohol, which means you can use it on any furniture without damaging the surface. You don’t need to reupholster your furniture because of an unsightly urine stain. Use urineFREE to make your space smelling fresh and clean!

Wood Flooring

You might think that your pet urinating on hardwood is less impactful than carpet, because you can wipe the visible residue. However, microscopic crystals are making their way into the imperfections of the wood, especially if the wood isn’t properly sealed. You can use urineFREE to address the problem, as it doesn’t damage hardwood. Other liquid cleansers will cause moisture-related imperfections, but urineFREE is completely safe to use!