How to Get Rid of Urine Stains and Odors Once and For AllHow to Get Rid of Urine Stains and Odors Once and For All

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Wondering what causes that awful urine smell? Uric crystals can wreak havoc on your carpets, destroying materials down to the floorboards.

Picture this: you’re having the best meal of your life inside a bougie restaurant. The food is divine, the wine is fragrant, and the atmosphere is cozy. Nature calls, so you excuse yourself to the restroom. You expect a clean, pristine, fresh environment.

Instead, you’re met with a waft of unpleasant odors. It’s strange; upon first glance, the restroom is immaculate. But the smell assaulting your senses is that of stale urine. This is all you can think about as you do your business. When you go back to your table, your first thought is to share your negative experience with your company. With upturned noses and expressions you decide to never return to that restaurant. There’s another similar eatery down the street. Your friend says not to worry, because they have the cleanest restrooms.

Just like that, the restaurant has lost several potential regular customers.

This is only one of the ways urine odors can cause a cascading effect that hurts businesses. The smell of urine is intense and grotesque. Worse still, when you smell urine, you’re inhaling actual uric molecules into your lungs. Yuck.

Don’t worry: there’s an easy, affordable solution.

Experience the Fastest-Acting Products to Remove Urine Odors

UrineFREE is your next bathroom cleaning holy grail. This enzyme-based cleaner attacks microscopic uric crystals. Crystals are what cause the nasty odors assaulting your senses. UrineFREE is versatile and easy for anyone to use. Best of all, it’s one of the most affordable enzymatic cleaners on the market. You don’t need a mop or a sponge, because urineFREE requires nothing more than a spray nozzle. Take the unpleasantness out of restroom cleaning and get rid of tough urine odors!

What Causes Uric Acid Crystals to Form?

Let’s explore the main culprit of those disgusting urine odors. Though it’s not a sexy topic, it’s one we can’t avoid if we want to have fresh-smelling restrooms. To create a functional, reliable product, Environmental Biotech dove deep into microbiology.

Though urine is a liquid when it leaves your body, it contains microscopic solids. This residue collects as urine dries and uric acid crystals build upon each other. Over time, uric crystals create problematic blockages in drains and pipes. This is especially true for waterless urinals. Crystals can also wedge themselves into the pores of grout and unsealed tiles. This is what leads to that awful stale restroom smell.

Uric crystals are difficult to remove with standard chemical cleaners. They don’t break down the components of the crystal. You might be able to temporarily remove the smell with bleach or soap. Unfortunately, that urine scent will come creeping back.

UrineFREE Eliminates Urine Odors in Public Restrooms

A biotechnological cleaner like urineFREE uses special enzymes to break down uric crystals. These enzymes combine with the crystals and dismantle them. UrineFREE also destroys the odor-causing bacteria surrounding the crystals. With urineFREE, you won’t be covering the smell with an even stronger chemical scent. You’ll be removing the source of the problem.

You can use urineFREE, set it, and forget it. Saturate the affected area with urineFREE and allow the spot to air dry. It’s that easy. Regular treatment can prevent your restroom from smelling stale for years to come. 

Unexpected Places to Find Uric Crystals and Urine Residue

Usually, it’s difficult to spot dried urine with the naked eye. Professional cleaners use UV lights to find pesky urine stains in the most unexpected places. UV light causes urine to glow a bright, fluorescent green, making it easy to identify. With our Urine Finder, you’ll be able to spot your nearby problem areas.

Urine can splash just about anywhere in a restroom, including the floor, door, shower curtain, sink, and more. You’re more likely to find splashes of dried urine on the floor and walls than you are on the toilet itself! Even worse, when you flush a toilet or urinal, the force sprays uric acid into the air. This acid lands anywhere and everywhere. It’s important to use the Urine Finder to check every nook and cranny of the restroom.

How to Use UrineFREE to Get Rid of Urine Odors

First, make sure any visible urine is wiped away. Bio-enzymatic products are not as effective on puddles of urine. Remember to check everywhere–even several feet away from the actual toilet. UrineFREE can be sprayed liberally around areas where you find urine residue. You want to make sure the surfaces are completely saturated with the sprayer’s full stream setting.

That’s it! Allow the formula to air dry, and the enzymes will get to work. If you can, continue to spray urineFREE for as long as possible. The more the product has contact with a surface, the more time it has to achieve results. You may need several treatments to eliminate odors if the uric acid buildup is bad enough.

Does UrineFREE Work on Pet Urine Stains?

You bet.

Pet urine also has uric acid that forms crystals after drying. Unfortunately, these crystals can make their way into your carpet, past the padding, and into the wooden floorboards. It’s nearly impossible to reach these with typical carpet cleaners. Chemical urine cleaners might get rid of the stain, but with the slightest humidity, the bacteria surrounding those uric crystals will rear their ugly heads. 

UrineFREE penetrates deep beneath carpet fibers to attack the problem. The area needs to stay wet for at least 24 hours, but because the solution is bio-enzymatic, it poses no threat to pets or children. Just make sure all excess urine is mopped up with a paper towel before urineFREE is applied. 

What Happens When Urine Stains Are Not Cleaned Quickly?

Carpet is particularly susceptible to urine stains because uric acid crystals are incredibly damaging. The acid actually burns through carpets and rugs over time, leaving irreparable stains. While urineFREE can remove any old urine smells, those burns are permanent. If you want your home to look fresh and clean, you need to address pet urine stains as quickly as possible.

The effect is even more prominent on wood flooring. If you’ve ever seen black stains on floorboards, similar to a fire burn, it’s probably been caused by uric acid buildup. Typical chemical cleaners and soaps will remove surface level urine, but crystals can easily burrow into wood fibers and cracks. Using urineFREE as quickly as possible can save wooden floors from destruction.

UrineFREE is Your New Favorite Urine Stain Remover

Remember not to mix products! Using a standard chemical cleaner or carpet detergent will cause a sticky coating to form around uric crystals. UrineFREE won’t be able to penetrate these layers, making it difficult for the bio-enzymes to do their thing. When you see a urine stain, address it immediately with urineFREE. 

The same rule is true for use in public restrooms. You should never mix cleaning products in the first place, because you never know how substances will react with one another. UrineFREE should be the only urine remover you’ll ever need!

UrineFREE is Crafted by Professional Microbiologists at Environmental Biotech International in Bradenton, FL

Environmental Biotech International has been working in the enzymatic cleaner industry for over 30 years. Though our humble headquarters is located in Bradenton, Florida, we’ve expanded our reach across the globe. Our clients range from pet owners, to pet shops, to restaurants, to hospitals. If you’ve got a bathroom, you’ve got a need for urineFREE. Go ahead and start browsing our shop listings for the right product. When you choose urineFREE, you can rest assured you’ll get results.

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