How Our Beneficial Microbes Eat Uric CrystalsHow Our Beneficial Microbes Eat Uric Crystals

cleaning uric crystals with enzyme products
Uric crystals dig themselves below the surface of any flooring. The only way to ensure stains will be eliminated is to use beneficial enzymatic products.

Do you have a dog or cat? Have you been struggling with unruly urine stains? No matter how well your pet has been potty trained, there will always be the occasional accident. Urine can cause damage to any surface, from carpet to porous tile. The worst part is that urine stains always seem to reappear with time. That unsightly spot will never truly be removed with typical chemical cleaners that advertise immediate solutions. The only way to ensure urine stains will be eliminated forever is to use natural, beneficial bio-enzymatic products like UrineFREE. But, how does UrineFREE manage to eliminate uric crystals, which are causing that nasty odor? Read on to explore the scientific process!

What Are Uric Crystals?

Your pet’s urine consists of three things: urochrome, urea, and uric acid. Urochrome contains yellow pigments which stain the surface of your carpet. This also allows urine to show prominently under a UV blacklight. Urea is sticky and holds the urine together. The main culprit for stains and odors is uric acid. While this leaves your pet as a liquid, when it dries, uric crystals form and bond to your flooring fibers. Whether it’s carpet, wood, or tile, uric crystals dig themselves below the surface. These are nearly impossible to remove, and they cause persistent odors throughout the household. Typical chemical cleaners are able to get rid of the initial stain that appears on top, but only enzymatic products like UrineFREE will be able to penetrate and destroy those crystals. 

Enzymes and Beneficial Bacteria Battling Pathogens

Not all bacteria are harmful! The bacteria blend in UrineFREE produces enzymes, which break down the components of uric crystals that cause odors. Good bacteria can consume these components, literally using them as food to survive. The bacteria in UrineFREE will continue eating and eating, plowing through uric crystals until there’s no trace of the urine stain. Once the uric crystals are gone, and the bacteria can no longer replicate without a food source, they’ll die. Using a UV blacklight can help ensure you’ve covered every spot.

UrineFREE is particularly helpful because it works on old stains. Since those crystals are still beneath your flooring, our bacteria will have a food source. In no time, your home will be smelling clean and fresh!

How to Use UrineFREE on Your Carpet

Make sure you don’t use any chemical cleaners on the stain before you apply UrineFREE, as this can affect its efficacy. If you’ve applied other cleaners in the past, use a wet sponge to blot the spot as much as you can. Shake well! Spray liberally, soaking the entire area so UrineFREE comes into contact with every molecule. You might notice an increase in odor and a darkened stain after the first round, and that’s normal. Darker, more concentrated stains will need more than one treatment. Keep applying UrineFREE until the odor has dissipated. 

Learn more about the UrineFREE line of products!

Whether you need to deodorize a litter box, remove a urine stain from carpet, or even treat an outdoor grass spot, the UrineFREE line has a product for the job. Check out our impressive lineup of bio-enzymatic cleaners and see for yourself how UrineFREE eliminates stains and odors completely. If you’ve tried absolutely every trick in the book, UrineFREE is your next holy grail. 

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