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urineFREE Pet Fresh for Kittens and Cats


Cat urine is one of the strongest and most unpleasant odors imaginable. Sometimes, it can seem impossible to get rid of the stench. That’s because, when urine dries, it leaves behind uric crystals that dig themselves into flooring. Uric crystals are what cause that lasting odor you can’t seem to eradicate. With urineFREE, you can address these odors, targeting the source of the problem. No more scrubbing, no more mopping, and no more useless deodorizers. Use urineFREE to get rid of your cat urine smell once and for all.


How Does urineFREE Get Rid of Odors?


UrineFREE uses biochemical science to get the job done. While this sounds complicated, the actual cleansing process is more simple than you might think. Our proprietary blend of beneficial bacteria uses those crystals and organic matter as a food source. When you use urineFREE on a surface, the odor will be eliminated instantly upon contact. Other cleaners and deodorizers won’t address the odors at the source; they’ll mask the scent with artificial fragrance. 


The longer urineFREE stays in contact with the stain, the better it’ll work! For best results, avoid using a typical chemical cleaner or soap on the stain before applying urineFREE. This can cause a film to form around the uric crystals, making it difficult for our beneficial bacteria to access their food source. To completely eliminate the stain and odor caused by cat urine, apply urineFREE liberally and soak the area until the stain is gone. 


urineFREE For Kittens


Introducing a new kitten into your home? This is an exciting time, but the adjustment period can get rocky. Kittens are unpredictable, and will likely urinate in order to mark their territory. Since cat urine stains and odors are one of the biggest reasons renters lose their security deposit, you might be sweating. Now is the time to act! Don’t let these urine stains fester any longer than they have to. Spray urineFREE on the urine stain, keep it saturated, and watch as the stain disappears. UrineFREE also discourages kittens from continuing to urinate in each spot.


urineFREE For Cats


Cat owners will know: these creatures are finicky. You may go years without a urine accident. Then, one day, your cat will decide he’s unhappy with his litter box, and stains will mar your carpet as a result. Maybe your cat urinated on your bed or your couch as an act of defiance. UrineFREE is the best way to address these problems. You can use it on carpets, upholstery, furniture, bedding, hardwood, and much more. Since urineFREE is made with beneficial bacteria, it won’t cause chemical damage to any surface. 


Environmental Biotech has created urineFREE to address urine stains and odors!


For over 25 years, Environmental Biotech has been engineering unique, revolutionary bio-enzymatic products. From drain cleaners to septic solutions, Environmental Biotech works with biotechnology to create environmentally friendly cleaning options. UrineFREE was developed to address urine odors in restrooms, and Environmental Biotech has designed a specific formula to eliminate pet odors and stains. From dogs, to kittens, to small animals, there’s a urineFREE solution for your home!