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urineFREE Pet Fresh for Puppies & Dogs


We’ve all been there. You’re enjoying your day, walking about your home, before stepping in a wet puddle of urine. No matter how well you’ve trained your dog or puppy, there’s going to be the occasional accident. UrineFREE Pet Fresh is here to help you completely eliminate any odors or stains left behind by your pup. No more smells, no more unsightly spots, no more stress!


How Does urineFREE Work?


While other carpet cleaners are made with chemicals and alcohol, urineFREE is composed of a blend of beneficial bacteria strains. Dried urine leaves behind microscopic uric crystals, which our bacteria use as a food source. The bacteria will continue to replicate and eat crystals until there’s no longer a food source. So, the longer you keep urineFREE in contact with the urine stain, the better it works! 


We recommend avoiding typical carpet cleaners before using urineFREE. Surfactants from those cleaners can coat uric crystals with a film that is difficult for our bacteria to penetrate. If you have previously used a chemical cleaner, try to blot it away with a wet cloth. UrineFREE may take several applications before it does its job. 


urineFREE for Puppies


Anyone with a puppy knows how difficult it can be to start the potty training process. From puppy pads, to newspapers, to towels, there’s no doubt you’ve tried everything to keep your home clean and free of odors. Accidents are bound to happen, especially if you’re away from home for most of the day. And, if you’re a renter, you’re probably dreading what those carpet stains are going to do to your security deposit. As you continue to train your pup, address urine spots with urineFREE to get rid of stains and smells! UrineFREE is safe, effective, and harmless to the environment. If you’re training a puppy, try urineFREE.


urineFREE for Dogs


Dog owners know that the issues with urine odors don’t end when a puppy grows up. Even if you successfully potty train your dog, there will still be accidents, and those need to be addressed. Even if you’re dealing with old urine stains, urineFREE can help! No matter the age of the urine, urineFREE can still eat away at the dried uric crystals. With just a few sprays, you can solve your urine problem, whether it’s on carpet, hardwood, or tile flooring. 


Environmental Biotech is the name behind urineFREE!


For over 25 years, Environmental Biotech has been engineering unique, revolutionary bio-enzymatic products. From drain cleaners to septic solutions, Environmental Biotech works with biotechnology to create environmentally friendly cleaning options. UrineFREE was developed to address urine odors in restrooms, and Environmental Biotech has designed a specific formula to eliminate pet odors and stains. From dogs, to kittens, to small animals, there’s a urineFREE solution for your home!