Should You Use Deodorizer Sprays on Your Carpet?Should You Use Deodorizer Sprays on Your Carpet?

carpet with urine stain
It’s important to attack the source of the urine stain, rather than covering it up. Here’s why you should never use deodorizer sprays on your carpet.

Stubborn urine odors may seem impossible to eliminate. Carpets and upholstery cling to uric crystals, which form after a urine stain has dried. If you’ve used chemical cleaners to attempt to get rid of the stain, you’ll notice the odor will come wafting back on the first humid day as the moisture reactivates those crystals. You might be tempted to spray a deodorizer or sprinkle a powder on your carpet and upholstery. While you’ll experience instant relief, that freedom from urine stench won’t last. It’s important to attack the source of the stain, rather than simply cover it up. Here’s why you should never use deodorizer sprays on your carpet.

How Do Carpet Deodorizers Work?

You don’t want to pay for a professional carpet cleaner, and you don’t want to waste a weekend doing DIY with a rental cleaning machine. So, naturally, you turn to cheap sprays on the grocery store shelves. These bottles are usually less than $10 and provide temporary relief. You might also see powders that are meant to be sprinkled on the ground and then vacuumed when they’ve finished deodorizing. It’s a short term solution that can prepare your home for a guest dinner, but it’s not something you can rely upon. Deodorizers don’t attack the source of the smell.

Why You Should Never Use Carpet Deodorizer Sprays

Let’s review why you shouldn’t purchase these gimmick products to solve your urine smell problem:

  • They’re a waste of money. Sure, they work for an evening. But you’ll have to keep reapplying the spray as the urine scent rears its ugly head. When humidity strikes, sprays are useless.
  • They don’t remove the stain. Sprays have no cleansing components. They mask odors with fake scents, while urine stains continue to mar your pristine carpet. 
  • They don’t address the issue. Deodorizer sprays don’t eliminate the cause of urine odors: uric crystals. The smell will persist as long as those crystals are embedded into your flooring.

So, there aren’t many benefits to using a carpet deodorizer. What else can you use to make that disgusting urine odor disappear?

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