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If you’ve got a hamster, gerbil, guinea pig, rat, mouse, chinchilla, or any other small pet, you’re probably dealing with a smelly cage. Even smaller animals produce uric acid in their urine, which causes intense and nasty odors. It’s all too easy to end up struggling with controlling these odors, because uric crystals fall into every nook and cranny. Typical scrubbing with chemical cleaners is not only unsafe for your pet, but also ineffective. When you use urineFREE, you’ll be spraying a natural, environmentally friendly blend of beneficial bacteria inside the enclosure. This bacteria uses uric crystals as a food source, which gets rid of urine odors instantly. Just one spray is enough to neutralize most of the smell coming from your small pet’s little accidents.


urineFREE for Hamsters and Gerbils


Keeping substrate clean is already a struggle–you shouldn’t have to worry about lingering urine smells. When small rodents urinate, tiny uric crystals can make their way into microscopic cracks. This goes beyond substrate. Uric crystals can settle into wooden play toy materials, the hinges of a running wheel, or even the imperfections of the aquarium glass. No amount of scrubbing with soap and water will be able to reach these crystals. The proprietary blend of bacteria in urineFREE works to eliminate uric crystals by consuming them as food. The most advanced biotechnology happens within seconds, and you’ll notice instant results.


urineFREE for Lizards and Reptiles


Reptiles are gorgeous pets, but they’re known to be carriers for many diseases. A lot of these dangerous pathogens can be spread through reptile urine. It’s important to get rid of urine and urine odors immediately so dangerous bacteria has no time to spread. With urineFREE, you can utilize our blend of beneficial bacteria to eat away at uric crystals. It’s easier than ever to keep your reptile habitat clean and free of potential pathogens!


urineFREE for Large Rodents and Mammals


Guinea pigs, rabbits, chinchillas, ferrets–all of these small, furry animals make excellent companions. However, their urine can end up causing serious damage to your home. Without treatment, uric crystals will release odors repeatedly whenever humidity is present. The only way to completely get rid of urine odors created by small animals is to use urineFREE liberally around the area. Spray urineFREE close to the cage, habitat, or pen that houses your small pet. Keep it saturated for as long as possible. From there, the bacteria will do the rest of the work to keep your home smelling fresh and clean.


Environmental Biotech is the name behind urineFREE!


For over 25 years, Environmental Biotech has been crafting groundbreaking biochemical cleaning solutions. In sunny Bradenton, FL, Environmental Biotech continues to develop formulas to address the worst odors and stains. If you have questions about how urineFREE works, or if you’re interested in a commercial partnership with Environmental Biotech, give us a call at 941-757-2591.