Goodbye To Bad Odors And Stains Permanently​​

Ever wonder why urine odors and stains are so stubborn? When urine dries, the solids are left behind, forming uric crystals. These crystals embed themselves into the microscopic crevices of nearly any surface. Standard chemical cleaners are a temporary solution, and they don’t address the real problem.

urineFREE™ uses a natural, bio-enzymatic solution to eliminate urine odors at the source. This next-level cleaning solution contains billions of natural microbes, which treat uric crystals as a food source. 

What our customers say about it!

Lisa Gava Dog urine odour disappears

Reliable and effective treatment that eliminates the dreadful dog urine odour that occurs around the small outside area of my mother's granny flat. The urine odour is replaced by the pleasant smell of the urinefree product. This product doesn't do any harm to plants or the garden furniture. I rely on this product to keep my Mum's environment lovely and inviting.

Zac Innes Could not bloody believe it.

I do not usually write reviews, but after getting a puppy in the home this week, I was at my complete wits end about rug accidents and the smell from the artificial turf out back. Oh god the smell. Bought probably 5 different products at the Pet Shop, all of them just complimented the smell in to a more bold, citrusy urine smell. Thought I'd try this with nothing to lose. Far out, afterwards it smells better than before I got the pooch! This is a bloody miracle liquid! Cheers, Zac

Marg Very happy

I am very skeptical buying off the internet and reading reviews, I wonder if they are made up or friends but I have to say I am impressed with this product, I had no idea and tried different products trying to remove the smell, fabulous product.

Narelle Smith Urine free

This stuff is fantastic and I would highly recommend getting the pack with the blue light as it saves a lot of time trying to pinpoint where the pee is. Love it and already recommended it to friends

    urineFREE™ is easy to use. Spray the area, saturating it completely. Allow the product to sit. Apply as necessary until the odor has completely disappeared. No scrubbing, no mopping, no harsh chemicals. 

    There’s a urineFREE™ product for every application! Feel free to browse our shop, and let us know if you have any questions about this revolutionary bio-enzymatic cleaner. 


    Removes Odors Removes Stains Produces Natural Enzymes Effective in Puppy Training No Alcohol No Harmful Chemicals

    urineFREE™ Pet Fresh 



    Nature's Miracle