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Professional urine remover for contract carpeting

You can use the urineFREE® Urine Detector to inspect the entire carpet. urineFREE® is effective in removing any bodily fluids deposited on a carpet, with urine being the most common. With the exception of blood, these bodily fluids will fluoresce under the Urine Detector. It is very important that a carpet is never shampooed or steam cleaned before treating the urine deposited. Because thirty percent of the water remains in a carpet after steam cleaning or shampooing, the urine in the carpet will spread throughout the entire carpet, making it much more difficult to permanently eliminate.

*NOTE: Always check carpet for colorfastness before applying urineFREE®.

Perform the following procedures to remove urine and other bodily fluids from carpets.

  1. a) Vacuum the carpet, using normal facility cleaning procedures. b) You can use the Urine Detector to inspect all areas of the carpet. Notice which areas of the carpet fluoresce under the Urine Detector. c) Keep detector on when treating areas, to ensure that every deposit is treated properly. d) Physically remove as much of the fresh urine or fluid as possible by blotting with an absorbent towel. e) Using the heavy spray setting, saturate deposits with urineFREE®. Because urine will soak down to the padding and the floor underneath, always apply a generous amount of product to ensure urineFREE® will come in contact with the entire stain. f) Let dry and re-apply urineFREE® as necessary for total removal.  g) Once stain and odor have been removed, rinse area with water and blot dry.  h) Re-inspect treated area with the Urine Detector. If areas still fluoresce under the Urine Detector, repeat the application. Because some stains are more severe than others, multiple treatments might be necessary to restore the carpet. i) Allow to air dry j) Re-apply urineFREE® if necessary and allow to air dry. k) Once dry, rinse with water and blot dry.

*NOTE: Always inspect carpet area in front of the bathroom, as urine is easily tracked from the bathroom onto nearby carpet. Always check carpet for colorfastness before applying urineFREE®.

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