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Getting Results

Urine odor in bathrooms & toilet areas is quite common, despite your best efforts to continuously clean the area. Porous grout and porcelain toilet bowls are the perfect environment for long-term build-up of uric acid crystals (the main culprit in urine smell).

urineFREE® can help to remove urine and uric acid permanently. Our safe and effective bio-enzymatic formula eliminates the urine smell and the uric acid crystal source, leaving you with the sparkling clean, odor-free bathroom you deserve.

Conventional cleaners and water will not break down the insoluble uric acid crystals, while urineFREE®’s bio-enzymatic action is designed to “eat” these crystals.

Regular detergents are ineffective

If you have used another chemical or detergent-based product to try to remove the urine before applying urineFREE®, these chemicals may have removed the soluble urea and urochrome components of urine but have had no impact on the insoluble uric acid crystals. These detergents may also coat or encapsulate the uric acid crystals, making it more difficult for urineFREE® to penetrate.

Find old stains with the detector

Sometimes old urine stains are invisible to the eye, but their odors are certainly noticeable to the nose!

The urineFREE® Urine Detector includes a light which is designed to detect the protein in urine. Dried urine stains will fluoresce in a darkened room, making it easy to find the area of the surface or fabric with the urine stain and to completely remove the urine odor.

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