Odor and Stain Remover
Remove all the odors and stains from urinals and waterless urinals

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Urinals and Waterless or Low-Flow Urinals

urineFREE® is effective at reducing and removing urine odors.

By using this in your restrooms you can effectively remove all harmful effects of urine as well as improve cleanliness and hygiene.

At the same time – you can also reduce the amount of water used in the flushing of urinals!

urineFREE® will also help reduce the build-up of uric acid in the pipework with the use of FlowFresh / FlowFresh Gel / FlowFresh urinal screens.

Waterless Urinals

If you are using waterless urinals, the combination of urineFREE® and FlowFresh products will work wonders, reducing urine odors as well as uric acid buildup in the plumbing.

This will keep urinals flowing freely and also will reduce the need for water. Other deodorizing products (masking fragrances) can be discontinued as they will no longer be required.

This will all help with the following results

  • Reduced water usage and costs
  • No odors – no additional deodorizers required, reducing costs
  • Reduced plumbing blockage and repairs – save thousands in annual plumbing costs and pipe replacement
  • Satisfied customers – A fresh-smelling place feels safe and cared for, giving customers more confidence in the establishment as well as providing overall health benefits

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