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Professional urine remover for transportation

Just as in any  toilet, passengers hate the smell of human urine odor when paying a visit to the restroom on an airplane, bus or train or in a terminal or waiting room.

Especially when passengers are restricted in close-quarter carriages or cabins or travelling vast distances, urine odors can waft into the main public areas, making for a very uncomfortable journey or visit.

These problems are only made worse if a passenger walks on a restroom floor dampened with urine and walks back to their seat, spreading urine residue all over the floor. This increases the problem for cleaning crews that often have strictly limited cleaning time.

Our professional grade all-in-one urine stain and odor remover will help you to manage this ongoing issue for everyone’s benefit — customers & cleaning staff.

Why are regular detergents ineffective?

While cleaning crews will mop, vacuum and disinfect daily, most standard cleaning products, including strong sanitizing and disinfecting chemicals, simply don’t remove urine stains and odors completely.

They contain a surface cleansing agent, temporarily masking the urine smell and removing the water-soluble components of urine but leaving behind the insoluble uric acid crystals which retain the urine odor and stain.

Why does urineFREE® work?

urineFREE®’s bio-enzymatic formula “eats up’’ the uric acid crystals that are left behind by regular cleaning products. These crystals attach to surfaces and are very difficult to dislodge.

Our urine remover also gets rid of the water-soluble components of urine, eliminating both the urine stain AND the odor for good.

Adding urineFREE® to your mop water eliminates urine on the floor, as well, so it can’t be tracked into areas outside the restroom!

urineFREE® is not an aerosol and contains no hazardous ingredients — it’s safe to fly with and can also be used easily by flight attendants for in-flight bathroom maintenance.

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