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Professional urine odor remover for hospitality

In a time when public fears over the spread of viruses, infections and diseases are ever-increasing, hotels, restaurants, pubs and nightclubs need to be very strict on hygiene standards to retain their good reputation.

Unhygienic surfaces such as bathrooms, floors, upholstery, bed linen and mattresses can be a breeding ground for pathogenic micro-organisms that can cause diseases.

Our professional grade all-in-one urine stain and odor remover will help you to manage this ongoing issue for everyone’s benefit.

Regular detergents are ineffective

While cleaning staff will mop, vacuum and disinfect daily, most standard cleaning products, including strong sanitizing and disinfecting chemicals, simply can’t remove urine stains and odors completely.

Uric acid crystals remain to damage and corrode metal surfaces and leave permanents stains and lingering odors on soft surfaces such as mattresses, couches and other furnishings, not to mention in bathrooms!

Save money in the long term

Choose one product that works rather than products that may be cheaper but will simply mask the problem.

urineFREE® will not only ensure your facility is hygienically clean of urine but can also save you money long term because items such as mattresses, couches, upholstered items and others won’t need to be prematurely replaced due to urine stains and odors.

If you have food waste cans, trash bins or dumpsters on site, these can also be washed down with EnviroWash® to remove bad odors.

*Areas of use are similar to the uses in the healthcare industry


urineFREE® is quickly and easily effective at reducing and removing urine odors and stains.

By using urineFREE® in the bathrooms you can effectively remove all harmful effects of urine as well as improve cleanliness and hygiene.

At the same time – you can also reduce the amount of water used in the flushing of urinals!

urineFREE® will help reduce the build-up of uric acid in the pipework also with the use of Flow Fresh / Flow Fresh Gel / Flow Fresh urinal screens.

Waterless or Low-Flow Urinals

If you are using waterless or low-flow urinals, the combination of urineFREE® and Flow Fresh products will work wonders to keep the pipework from clogging due to uric acid buildup and to remove all urine odors and stains.

This will keep urinals flowing freely and also will reduce water usage. Other deodorizing products (masking fragrances) can be discontinued as they will no longer be required.

This will all help with the following results:

  • Reduced water usage and costs
  • No odors – so no additional deodorizers required, reducing costs
  • Reduced plumbing blockage and repairs – save thousands in annual plumbing costs and pipe replacement
  • Satisfied customers – priceless

A fresh-smelling place feels safe and cared for, giving customers more confidence in the establishment as well as providing overall health benefits.

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