Odor and urine control for you business needs

urineFREE™ can be used anywhere, and it’s especially useful in commercial settings. Take a look at the industries that have used urineFREE™ to eradicate urine odors and stains from their facilities.

Nursing Homes

Did you know urinary incontinence affects a majority of nursing homes? This issue is prevalent across the globe. Urine odors and uric crystals are dangerous and provide more health issues to the elderly community, which is largely more immunosuppressed. Urine stains can cause serious infrastructure issues that destroy facility fixtures and furnishings. urineFREE™ is effective on all surfaces in a nursing home or assisted living location, and can be used safely among vulnerable populations.


At some point, every public restroom is plagued by nasty odors. Uric crystals embed themselves into porous tiles and grout, leading to awful smells that affect your customer base. Using urineFREE™ can completely eliminate all odors and stains with just a few applications. Don’t bother with chemical cleaners that can deter paying patrons. Use urineFREE™ and get your restrooms smelling clean and fresh.

Beds, Mattresses & Laundry

Your living quarters need to be as clean as possible for the next customer. Urine stains are unsightly and difficult to remove, and you don’t have time to worry about such a nuisance. Not to mention, customer concerns about illnesses, viruses, and cleanliness are at an all-time high. Chemical deodorizers turn away customers and feed back into our waterways, destroying ecosystems over time. Using urineFREE™ can efficiently remove odors without costing you thousands in furnishing replacements.

Contract Cleaners, Carpets and Flooring

There’s never been a more important time to keep public spaces clean, and as a contract cleaner, your job is to get rid of odors as quickly as possible. urineFREE™ works instantly, and doesn’t require any scrubbing or mopping. If you’re cleaning carpet or upholstery, you won’t have to continuously sop excess moisture for hours. urineFREE™ eliminates odors so you can continue your work.


Hospitals need to be kept spotless at all times. Though urine is initially sterile, harmful microorganisms will find and consume uric crystals as food. This bacteria can lead to the spread of viruses and illnesses. There’s never been a more important time to focus on the cleanliness of hospital wings and facilities. Make sure your patients and staff are safe and satisfied by using urineFREE™ to eliminate urine odor and stains. urineFREE™ is just as powerful as chemical cleaners, without the off putting chemical smell.


Your guests are paying to relax and get away from their busy lives. Urine odors interrupt their enjoyment and give the impression of disrepair. Once they leave your facility, they’ll only be thinking about how urine odors made their stay unbearable. Use urineFREE™ to keep odors at bay, and keep your customers happy, encouraging returning regulars.


Worried about odors coming from public urination issues? You can use urineFREE™ on any transportation vessel! We provide a convenient bulk sprayer, which uses urineFREE™ concentrate to spread the formula over large areas. Use urineFREE™ to address nasty odors, and prevent corrosion caused by uric crystals. Customers will appreciate fresh, clean transportation.